Recognising Donors

Blood donors do an amazing thing when they give blood. Without blood donors, many patients simply would not be alive today. You all deserve a big thank you and we want to do just that.

We believe that 'every donation counts'. We hope you feel thanked and appreciated for each and every donation that you give, and would like you to know just how important you are to us.

The following donation milestones outline the gifts and acknowledgement you can expect to receive from us:

  • 1st - Welcome and thank you pack, including donor card and key fob
  • 5th - Donor Card
  • 10th - Badge and Certificate
  • 25th - Donor Card, Badge and Personalised Certificate
  • 50th - Badge, Donor Card and Certificate
  • 75th - Badge and Certificate
  • 100th - Ceremony invitation (whole blood donors), Commemorative medal and Certificate
  • 150th - Certificate
  • 250th - Ceremony invitation (platelet donors), Commemorative award and Certificate
  • 500th - Special framed certificate
  • 750th - Special framed certificate
  • 1000th - Special framed certificate

Not only do we offer donors gifts at different milestones, but we would love you to promote your accomplishments to friends and family with the use of our social media badges displaying your milestone achievement. If you have registered as a donor online you can see how many whole blood donations you have made to-date.

Thank you so much for all of your donations. So few of the population give blood at all, and fewer still reach these incredible milestones, so it really is a great achievement and one worth shouting about! We hope that you accept these small tokens with pride. Well done!

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